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Voting in 2020 – A Personal Experience Story

Today marks a very important step in my journey to adulthood, my first time voting.

This may seem like a normal, monotonous, and “pointless” task according to other people at my age, but to me: it is a sign of personal freedom from the mental cage I was enclosed in my entire life. I understand the flaws of politics, and the traps that ensnare all beings placed in these positions of power. However, none of these “flaws” will match the terror that I felt for the entirety of my childhood – the fear of Armageddon (also known as the end of the world, end of days, and so on). Always coming, always looming around every corner.

My family told me it was a sign of hope, a sign that this terrible world will finally come to an end. The Earth would finally be cleansed, in a fiery maelstrom. A day of reckoning, of death, of suffering, of untapped chaos. All of the imperfect beings, all of the sickness and sin would be left behind! I would not remember anyone who would be decimated on that fateful day, I would only be happy because I made it through.

But I loved the world. I thought it was beautiful. I thought the people were beautiful. I never understood their comparisons, their judgemental attitudes, their anger, their eagerness for this world to end.

But what could I have done? I was so young, so scared, and so unaware. I knew nothing of politics, I wasn’t allowed. I was not allowed to be any part of this world, they didn’t want me to fall in love with it. Every fiber of my being radiated inside of me, screaming and crying, that my life was a trap.

A trap carefully crafted of blissful ignorance.

I thank the universe every single day, that I successfully lifted the veil, and left that reality in the past. So now, 6 years out of their world, I am continuing my journey into the light. Officially making this my prerogative: to explore this world, embrace it, show it all of my love, all of my light. The fear of a guilt-brought death will not hold me back anymore. And I am proud to say, today I have officially taken my stand, against their ignorance, and I am not scared.

I have cast my vote in this years presidential campaign, and to me this is more than a simple choice. This is a symbol of my freedom, and a symbol of my right to be a part of this world, and all of the beautiful people that live in it.

” No matter what is happening in the world of appearances,
beyond the veil of illusion there is love and only Love. “

Marianne Williamson

To find your voting location, visit the link below:

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