Sunday Music Spotlight

“Belong” – Slenderbodies

Sunday Music Spotlight

I seriously believe I am incapable of creating timeless art without some good music playing in the background; whether it be drawing, writing, or even knitting! If you are the same way, then you’re in the right place. So, I want to share some of the music, specific songs, that really get my creative juices flowing. Who knows, maybe they’ll inspire you too!

“Belong” by Slenderbodies is the song that has been on repeat in my playlists, and in my head, for the entirety of this week. According to an interview with the band on Early Bird Music , the band was “Formed in 2016 by its two members, Ben Barsochinni and Aram “Max” Vehuni…” They are an indie-pop band with a unique sound that resonates throughout the physical and metaphysical world. It’s the type of music you could listen to while studying or partying. Their album art is breathtaking, and the stories you can feel through the ever-present drums and astounding lyrics leaves nothing to be yearned for.

I haven’t been able to stop myself from listening, and they inspire me to keep reading. I think this song, and all of their other songs (more than 4 albums) are more than worth checking out!

Make sure to check back next week for another song to add to your favorite playlists!

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