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6 Theories Why Aliens Have Come to Earth

The Navy finally admitted that UFO’s are real, but what does that mean for us?

UFO’s have been an intense source of debate throughout our years of existing on this (really young) planet. So it’s no surprise that the U.S. Navy finally admitting that UFO’s (UAP’s if you’re fancy) are REAL is a big deal in the scientific community, and to anyone who has had their stories squashed and labeled as myths.

See the video for yourself

The video was originally taken in 2004, and labeled as the “GIMBAL Footage” or as the “2004 NIMITZ Incident.” The videos were originally meant to be kept secret, and “were not approved for public release by the U.S. government..” The U.S. Government was trying to look into the issue further. After all, no matter your opinion of aliens, these unknown aircrafts are probably an issue for safe human air travel. But what does this mean for us? For all of humanity, really? The concept of aliens is such an enormous ideal for anyone to try and grasp. The egocentric nature of our race has made us pretty oblivious to the extremely real possibility of other sentient creatures. Now that even the Navy is admitting that the videos of UFO’s are real, and we really don’t know what they are, it’s time to start speculating. Here are six theories I have gathered from normal, everyday people, as to what the aliens are here for.

1.) They know about global warming, and they just wanna help.

This evidently positive outlook on the UFO sightings came from Maryellen, a very bubbly local dog enthusiast. She believes that the aliens are just like us, and that they see us as “vulnerable and scared” – that we need help right now, and they want to help us for the betterment of the universe as a whole. They are not violent, they just want to help beings that they know are in trouble, and they can see that we’re struggling.

2.) They’re just curious and, like us, want to know if there are other life forms out there.

Natalie Davies, a professional barista, explained to me that she thinks the aliens are just like us, except with much further advanced technology. She believes that they have questions about the meaning of life, and their plans to advance their understanding of the universe has led them to our doorstep. She doesn’t think they are inherently violent, but she also speculates that the aliens “could be an advanced race of robots.”

3.) They have lived in the Earth for much longer than we have been here, and they’re escaping.

[REDACTED] explained her theory that the Aliens have been living in their own ecosystem in the center of the Earth, and they are now simply trying to leave. She believes that they have been staying in the center of the Earth to “avoid us.” But now that we are destroying the Earth through over-mining of resources, as well as causing the climate change crisis, they need to leave and find a new home. She added that they are much more intelligent that we are, and that she bases her opinions of aliens on the popular show Dr. Who.

4.) They have been living among us for centuries, and we don’t have anything they want.

Yet another interesting theory involves the aliens being here since long before we came into existence. We’re going to call the pioneer of this theory “Boss Lady Feury,” (per her request). She is the general manager at a local cafe in Massachusetts, and you can tell she has thought long and hard about this issue. She wanted to get across first and foremost that she thinks the video was released to fuel the hidden agenda of the U.S. Government. “Nobody is talking about it.” she said during the interview, and I understand what shes saying, it seems as though nobody really has heard about this story! She continued to add that she believes the aliens have their own resources, and we have nothing that is of any interest to their kind. We are “clueless and lame” when compared to such advanced beings. She told me that the evidence lies in phenomena such as the Easter Island Heads and ancient cave drawings – not to mention supernatural experiences.

5.) They need resources because they ran out.

Yet another theory (one I have heard often) came from Alice Peck, a self-proclaimed “alien expert.” She told me that she has taken a class on the philosophy behind aliens, and had some informed opinions on the subject. She explained to me that the universe is enormous, so the probability of life is undeniable. She also explained that the chances of aliens existing within the same time frame as us, while also being able to advance to the level of interplanetary travel, and visit us specifically, is abysmal. However, she explained that if they did find their way to Earth while we are still here, they would be here because they exhausted the resources on their home planet, and need to negotiate with our race, peacefully. She said they would not have weapons as advanced as ours, because they are beings who have focused their energies on the advancement of travel through the cosmos.

6.) They’re studying us to see if we are a threat to them.

Ian, a local cabinet-maker I interviewed, believed that the aliens have been in existence for a very long time, and their only goal throughout their time on Earth has been to study us. He further explained that they are “harmless” and that they are just like humans, where they would only start a fight with us if they were provoked. They discovered us long ago, and have continued studying us through time to assess whether or not we are going to be a threat to their race. He also believes that they have left us gifts, such as The Pyramids and The Easter Island heads.

There are so many possibilities when it comes to the realm of alien life. And honestly, until they actually make a move, or until we can find a way to communicate and identify – all we can do is speculate. I only interviewed six people in my local town, and there was already such a diverse spread of theories and ideas! What I have learned from all of this, really, is that we don’t know why they’re here, what they are, or what they want.

But before everyone starts panicking, take a second to think about it. There is always going to be so much to learn, and so much to discover in this world (and all other worlds!). Remember the Salem Witch Trials? Those women were simply using modern science in a time before science was understood, and they were crucified for it. Our viewpoint on those Trials now should be our viewpoint on the aliens and UFO’s now. We can’t let our interactions with them be led by fear, and end in crucifixion. So start now! Think about it, spread your ideas, only together are we going to be able to discover the meaning behind our lives; and these extraterrestrials? They are the next big step.

“Fear comes from the lack of knowledge and a state of ignorance. The best remedy for fear is to gain knowledge.”

Debasish Mridha

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