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50 Creative Ways to Cope with Anxiety – Stuck at Home Edition!

Need some ways to cope with all that "Stuck in the house" anxiety? Check out these creative coping mechanisms.

It’s no secret that the current events unfolding with the Coronavirus are making people anxious and scared – I know it’s making me more anxious every day. Recently I’ve heard a lot of people complaining, getting worried and upset: that they’re going to go insane staying at home for prolonged periods of time. So I decided to make this list of creative prompts for both artists and writers alike, and anyone who wants to flex their creative muscles (And before you say “forget this, I ain’t an artist,” everyone has creative muscles, you just haven’t been encouraged enough). You can get lost in drawing a picture, writing a poem, writing a story even – for hours. I know doing these kinds of prompts has helped my anxiety time and time again, and helped me realize you can create your own world to live in, even if it’s only for a little while. So let’s get down to it!

25 Creative Drawing Prompts

  1. A frog meditating on a penguin’s stomach
  2. The number two hunting a squirrel
  3. A cheerleader getting offended
  4. A rotting corn-cob
  5. A fish guarding a stash of coins
  6. A bird telling your manager to clean the toilet
  7. A hot dog explaining evolution to some kids
  8. An argument between your mind and your heart
  9. What you think your shoulder-angel (or shoulder-demon) looks like
  10. A crystal at the top of a mountain
  11. A printer made entirely out of ibuprofen
  12. A tree hugging a human
  13. Yourself, except your body is made of food (Whatever food you want!)
  14. A stapler eating an apple
  15. A pine-cone driving a car
  16. What you think guilt would look like in human form
  17. Two origami cranes kissing
  18. A pair of scissors juggling some sneakers
  19. Your hand drowning your other hand
  20. Your favorite animal untying a shoe
  21. A giant deer eating a cheesecake
  22. A toaster exploding
  23. The Earth doing yoga
  24. Your best friend transforming into a werewolf (These kinds of drawings make great gifts)
  25. A lollipop holding hands with a dragon

25 Creative Writing Prompts

  1. Write a haiku about the creepiest basement in existence.
  2. Write a song about what it means to be human.
  3. Imagine that you get the chance to be the first person to live on Mars. What would it be like?
  4. Write an acrostic poem with the theme: Thunder
  5. Imagine that you were living your favorite dream, what would happen? How would you feel? What would you do?
  6. Write a short story about the battles of a famous salsa dancer and a poor tennis player.
  7. Imagine that you are the only person on Earth who can communicate with aliens, what would you do?
  8. Write a song about the thing you want most in the entire world.
  9. Write a free verse poem about your worst fear.
  10. Write a short story about a scientist creating the strongest weapon known to man.
  11. Write an acrostic poem about your favorite season.
  12. Write a “how-to be me” story.
  13. Transform your favorite song into a short story.
  14. Write an epic poem about your greatest triumph.
  15. Write a love story about the Earth and the Moon.
  16. Write a haiku about the banana slug.
  17. Write a short story about a historical event, except all the characters are animals.
  18. Write a poem that personifies love.
  19. Write about a car crash, through the perspective of the car.
  20. Rewrite a classic fairy-tale in modern times.
  21. Write a short story that personifies anxiety (or any mental illness!).
  22. Write a poem about Thanksgiving through the eyes of the family pet.
  23. Imagine that you wake up one morning and you have lost the ability to speak, how would you cope? What would you do?
  24. Write a story about the adventures of a fruit fly.
  25. Create a palindrome (shadow poem) about your favorite person.

“There are two distinct languages. There is the verbal, which separates peopleā€¦ and there is the visual that is understood by everybody”

Yaacov Agam

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