Sunday Music Spotlight

Rainbow Kitten Surprise – Summer Grunge Time!

Yet another way I’m spending my time cooped up in my overstocked, cozy, little house is, listening to great music! Check out Rainbow Kitten Surprise, they’re an amazing band with an extremely unique sound that I can’t get out of my head (Fever Pitch especially!). Spend your time “locked up” discovering some new artists!

Who are they?

RKS is made up of five super-spirited members: Sam Melo, Darrick Keller, Ethan Goodpaster, Jess Haney, and Charlie Holt; who play lead vocals, guitar, electric guitar, drums, and bass respectively.

Where are they from?

The band originally formed in North Carolina. However, they do perform from Colorado to Florida, and all across the United States!

What kind of music do they make?

RKS makes alternative, indie, folk-rock style music with very complex instrumentals, as well as perfectly-executed harmonies, riddled throughout every song! Each song from every album has a unique sound, style, and message, but all of them still match the indie style rock that I, and all of their fans, love them for.

They are similar to artists you may know, like:

Featured photo was taken by friedoxygen / CC BY ( and has not been altered.

When did they form?

They officially formed in 2013.

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