Sunday Music Spotlight

Jutes – Every Reason Why You Need to Listen Now

The Quick Breakdown

Genre: Alternative, Indie-Pop, R&B

Similar Artists: Dutch Melrose, Manila Grey, Reo Cragun

Albums/EP’s/Singles: Overrated (2020), 25 Singles released from 2015-2019


DEVIL (2019) After finding my first favorite song by my new favorite artist Jutes, I had to have more, and that’s when I found this masterpiece. This song has a longing feel, with the bass-power to still make it great for revenge dancing (perhaps after a breakup?). Muster the animal inside your soul, and let it out while dancing to this song. It feels amazing, believe me.

MY MISTAKE (2019) I found this song while I was on a multi-week long Monster Hunter: World marathon, and it has stuck with me ever since. It has this beautiful combination of melancholy, vengeance, and liquid-style vocals that leave you floating. Listen to it while you’re crying, or listen to it while doing the dishes, either way you’re going to be jammin’ – hard.

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