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A Quick History of Pandemics: To Help You Calm Down

This week I am going to be talking about the history of viruses and pan/endemics in the world (because this obviously isn’t the first one). Throughout our history as human beings we have encountered a lot, and that’s why we had history classes. It’s essential to be able to look back on past experiences of our ancestors, and be able to try and predict what might happen in our future. I wasn’t expecting this research to calm me down during this historical time of panic and hoarding; however, I feel more calm now than I ever have since this chaos first started. So to help ease some of the anxiety, here’s a quick history of how many pandemics humanity has encountered, and survived through (and this isn’t even all of them).

* The cover photo of this article was taken by Drug Addiction Clinic Vita / CC BY-SA ( and has not been altered. *

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