Sunday Music Spotlight

Darci – The Next Big Artist You Need to Listen to Right Now.

He is an innovative artist with a cult-like following (the really good kind, like a secret club). It was so hard for me to pick just three songs to show off this week, but I know once you listen to these three, you're going to listen to all of them anyways.

The artist I am illuminating this week is Darci (@Darksidedarci on social media). He is an innovative artist with a cult-like following (the really good kind, like a secret club). It was so hard for me to pick just three songs to show off this week, but I know once you listen to these three, you’re going to listen to all of them anyways.

#1 – At Least

This was one of the first songs I ever heard from Darci, and it caught me off guard. I was just trying to do my sketches, and before I knew it I was dancing (boppin’ if you will), harder than I had in a long time. This song specifically has the vibe and feel that will leave you floating weightlessly through whatever problems you’re having, and it’ll feel amazing.

When I asked Darci what his inspiration was for this song, his explanation was more than I ever could have hoped for. He explained that “At Least” is, “about growing up, going through periods of uncertainty [and] change, and falling in love in the process. Not really knowing what’s going to happen in life but going for it with that person anyways. And even if it doesn’t work out, at least you tried.” This is, still, another BIG reason he is one of my choice artists. He feels the music he makes, and the lyrics are from his heart. You get a little taste of another human’s life and emotions, and that’s really what music, in general, is all about.

#2 – Won’t

Once I heard “At Least” I just had to have more of this new sound. This journey through his music brought me to “Won’t.” This song is one of my favorites because it’s a gorgeous mix of soul, hip hop, new age alternative music, and it just works. A lot of Darci’s music is both “adorable & menacing” as he so graciously put it, and I couldn’t agree more. This song specifically puts me into a dark basement rave, with fluorescent lights dancing all over the landscape, and I love it.

One extremely pressing question I had for Darci, was where his album art came from. Many of the covers on his singles and EP’s have the perfectly-haunting cat skull as their attention grabber. “First off I love cats, they can be the most loving creatures but it takes time & building trust. … To me the skull cat is sort of adorable & menacing at the same time and I like that, I think it captures the tone I go for with my music as well. Also visual artists always have a lot of fun with the concept and I love seeing what they come up with.” I mean, what better story can you have for the creation of your album art? It’s genuine, fun, creative, and that description would make anyone want to know what type of music can be described as adorable and menacing (He couldn’t be more accurate with that description either, go listen and see for yourself).

#3 – Save It (ft. Jutes)

I could not have been more excited to see that Darci and Jutes, the artist I illuminated last week, had a song together. This song was featured on Banger of the Day and I couldn’t agree more. Because what happens when you combine two extremely talented artists? You get a freakin’ banger, that’s what. This song is angsty, dark, and romantic all at the same time, and you’re going to want to add it to your favorite playlist.

I can’t express how important lyrics are to the feel in the songs I listen to. All of the lyrics of this song leave you wondering what’s going to happen next, and some of the choice words in the song just grab you by the throat and won’t let go. It’s a feeling only the best songs can give you (Lyrics here). I asked Darci what his favorite method was for writing his lyrics, and what gets him the most inspired for writing these songs I haven’t been able to stop listening to! He started off by telling me, “I prefer to be in the studio while the song is being produced, working with the skeleton of the track and building my writing around that…” And you can really tell his music comes genuinely from his soul by how he describes the lyrics coming to him: “It’s kind of like you just blackout and it’s a stream of consciousness. That’s actually part of the inspiration for my EP name “Crazy Beautiful Blackout”. It’s just like little snippets of past experiences blending together into a sort of montage of emotions, ideas, and experiences. Kind of like re-remembering a long night out.” Perfect explanation, and I can’t say it enough, but you need this man’s music in your life. It’s genuine in a time of vanity, and we need more of that in the world. So go give him a listen.

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