Sunday Music Spotlight

3 reasons why Parrotfish is your next favorite band

I discovered Parrotfish earlier this year, and I wish that I had discovered them so much earlier.

I discovered Parrotfish earlier this year, and I wish that I had discovered them so much earlier. They are an incredibly genuine band of best friends originally from Tampa Bay, Florida. I would never do them the dishonor of trying to fit them into a single genre, because they don’t stick to one sound – they switch it up! This is one of the many reasons why I love their music, they let themselves have complete creative freedom, and they do what they want. So many musicians these days bend to the will of society in how they write their music, so we need more bands like Parrotfish – a good group of friends staying happy, making music, and keeping it genuine. I have selected three of my favorite songs they have written, just to give you a little taste of their style.

Pick #1 – “Alarms”

This song speaks to the soul, and I know that because it spoke to mine. This is one of the only “sad sounding” songs Parrotfish has in their collection of songs. Even though this song has a very personal meaning to the guys in the band, everyone can relate to it, ” [it’s] about when you are with someone but you know that your time of being together is running out,” Parrotfish said in a personal interview. The instrumental work combines perfectly with the melodies in all of their voices to create a beautifully devastating piece about the fragility of love.

Pick #2 – “Miami”

I love this song because you can listen to it anywhere, and it’ll make you start dancing along with the band – you’ll at least be head banging. The strong drum and guitar-work makes it a perfect solution for needing to let loose, letting the music take you to another place (In this case, Miami). The vocal work is incredibly strong, the garage band feel sends you flying through the air, and you won’t want ever want to come down.

When I asked them how they stay so genuine in the music world, they explained that “The key to staying genuine is to not try to fit into a certain mold!… We definitely take our music extremely seriously but at the end of the day we have a blast making it and hanging out with each other and we want to show that!” Just one look at the band’s Instagram page and you can see that they don’t try to fit into any mold, and they love it. You can feel their friendship in all of their music, and they make you feel like you’re part of the group! “… creatively there are no rules in the band so no one ever feels creatively unheard or restricted… We sort of thrive off creative differences.” This quality can be heard in the song “Miami” especially, it’s a patchwork masterpiece of different sounds, you can hear their tight-knit friendship – and it’s awesome.

Pick #3 – “Holden Doobfield”

This song transports you to a tropical island, full of natural beauty and music around the campfire. The prominent guitar picking gives it a Caribbean marimba feel, and riddled throughout the song are intense breaks with strong drums and hard chords. The variation in sounds throughout the song keeps it interesting, and you learn to love both parts – they complement each other in a complex way.

Of course during our interview, I had to ask where the name of the band came from. It’s the perfect name, it fits their vibe as people, and all of the music they make. “We … had our first show at the end of the week. It was a battle of the bands and we needed a name for it. Joe and our old drummer Matt Sabo… saw an exhibit of Parrotfish and just thought the fish looked really cool and it’d be a dope band name!”

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