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Reviewing Jehovah’s Witness’ Propaganda – Part One

One thing I believe many "worldly" (Not Jehovah's Witnesses) people will find interesting, are the videos that Jehovah's Witnesses create to educate their children. I didn't have the pleasure of receiving these teachings before I left the cult, but I know many young and innocent children are being indoctrinated as this article is written.

One thing I believe many “worldly” (Not Jehovah’s Witnesses) people will find interesting, are the videos that Jehovah’s Witnesses create to educate their children. I didn’t have the pleasure of receiving these teachings before I left the cult, but I know many young and innocent children are being indoctrinated as this article is written.

The video I will be reviewing this week is entitled “Making Friends,” and you can watch the entire video here. It is important to note that these videos are crafted to be “innocent,” and to the untrained eye, they really do seem that way. With my expertise on the subject, I will walk you through the subtleties of the video, and every reason why children should not continue being exposed to this “guidance.”

If you can’t watch the video, or simply don’t want to, here’s a quick summary:

“Making Friends” seeks to explain to children that friends can come from anywhere, and any age group. The video walks you through a story with a young girl, and an older woman: Sophia and Sister Elsa. Sophia sees Sister Elsa’s paintings on the wall, and gets very excited, and asks if Sister Elsa painted them herself. Sister Elsa explains that she does paint, and explains that she painted them while doing illegal missionary work under ban in Germany. She also painted a picture of her wedding. Sophia listens in awe, and the video comes to an abrupt end with Sophia beginning to share some of her artwork with Sister Elsa.

Point #1 – Friends can be of any age.

Probably one of the more known facts about the Jehovah’s Witnesses, along with many other religions, is that child molestation is a common practice. If you don’t believe me, there have been many accounts of such things, as explained by news stations, and people who have spoken out. Here’s some quick links to just some of these accounts:

Now, in this video they chose to make the main characters a young girl, probably under ten years old, and an older woman, over seventy years old. The two main characters are not related in any way, the older woman is not Sophia’s grandmother. Now don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with having a “friendship” with people who are older than you. It can be nice to get a different perspective on life, it may even help you learn something about your own life. But, this is the only video the Jehovah’s Witnesses have in this series about making friends. With everything I was taught, I figured there would be an entire video dedicated to rejecting worldly friendships – but there isn’t.

There is just this video, about how young people should be friends with old people.

Keep in mind, that everything the Jehovah’s Witnesses put into their propaganda is meant to be subtle, extremely subliminal. To the extent that the parents of the children watching these videos have no idea what they are being taught. This video is making relationships between older people, and younger ones out to be a normal practice – an expected one even. When i was young and involved in this, I used to be forced to invite older “missionary servants” over for dinner at our house. I would give them tours of the house, I would have to form a relationship with them, or be seen as a “bad” kid.

Encouraging these starkly vast differences in age, while also isolating children from people their own age, propagates and normalizes child abuse.

Point #2 – Breaking the law is okay, as long as it’s for Jehovah.

I understand encouraging standing up for what you believe in – that’s a good thing. But in this case, Sister Elsa, the older woman in the video, is explaining her experiences in Germany, while the Jehovah’s Witness work was under ban. She speaks of it like it’s an exciting super-spy mission, almost like it’s fun. There is no explaining of the consequences that could result form disobeying the law, only encouragement – like it’s something wonderful to brag about!

When I was younger, they released yearbooks every year. These yearbooks showed examples from all over the world, of how people are “overcoming obstacles” and “enduring persecution” in order to praise Jehovah. The stories from Sister Elsa in this video are no different. They encourage everyone, including very young children, to do whatever it takes to make sure the “Good News” is spread worldwide. To make sure the amount of people hearing about it, and becoming a part of it, increases exponentially. This, in turn, increases revenue for the organization, but that’s a story for another time.

When I was young, my sister and I went to a door as part of the Jehovah’s Witness practice. Neither of us were older than nine years old, and alone we approached a door when a man with a gun came out onto the porch we were slowly approaching. We turned away as he yelled, to go back to our group in the car. And what did we do next? We went to another door. A different one.

We didn’t stop.

Because we would be met with : “Did Jesus stop because of people threatening violence? Of course not!”

Fear for your life was unacceptable, because that meant that you had no faith in Jehovah’s power to save you.

With many more videos to review, and interesting things to think about… check back next week for more!

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

“A truth that’s told with bad intent, beats all the lies you can invent.”

William Blake, Auguries of Innocence

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