Sunday Music Spotlight

The Giving Moon – The funk band that needs to be in your favorite playlist

Sunday around here is all about the music, and this week the artist I am illuminating is The Giving Moon. A funky, melodic, indie band with innovative sounds, and ear-catching vocals.
Pick #3

Pick #2
Pick #3

#1 – Velvet Smile

Not only is the title of this song extremely creative and heartfelt, but the song itself creates a genre on its own. The Giving Moon’s song Velvet Smile is a fun flirtation between funk and rock, with a cooling garage-band feel. It makes you feel like you’re dancing on the beach, with not a care in the world. Floating through a torrent of intense emotions, while keeping the vibe light, bright, and happy.

When I asked the singer and songwriter for The Giving Moon, Sean Seales, about the origin story of this song: I was not disappointed. “Velvet Smile was made after I [experimented with] a lot [of] different guitar sounds that I had never touched before.” He further explained the effect this new type of instrumental experimentation had on him, “The music and instruments of the song … brought me to a space that felt new to me, somewhere I hadn’t been before.” The heartfelt and vague lyrics of the song were also a facet I asked about, and he explained that the lyrics “…speculate on being close with love, or someone you love. Which I intended to be interpretive for whoever is listening.” This song especially shows how taking a chance with new skills, and experimentation in new ways of creating music… will pay off! Creating something beautiful and time-defying in the process.

#2 – Radiate

I really enjoy this song, because Sean really allows his voice to rise to the surface, and dominate the instruments, especially during the chorus. It feels like a peacefully-upbeat campfire song. Relaxing on the grass, with your best friend, head-bopping to some good music under the stars. The quick, sharp guitar work beautifully compliments the hot fudge vocals.

When I asked Sean where their beautiful band name came from, he explained, “The band name for The Giving Moon, came when I was about 14 years old maybe younger…The moon is a source of light in the night time, it holds reflections of the sun in the darkness. As an artist that tries to give light in darkness with music and lyrics I felt it was a name true to myself. ” I couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful answer, and the thought that went into the band name reflects equally into the beauty of his music.

#3 – Girl on the Mattress

This song really gives me vibes similar to the band, Bad Suns. But, the airy vocals are what give this song its own unique sound. The jam-band feel combined with some intense guitar riffs are what make you wanna slow dance with someone you love. I asked Sean what their method is for crafting songs, and he said, “…crafting and writing music … is always different, but I primarily write the music, melodies and chord progressions before the lyrics. This is the way I often do it unless there [are] lyrics in my mind I really want to build off of. “

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