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“Drop Your Gay at the Door” – A Video by the Jehovah’s Witnesses

There is so much I could say about this video, but I am going to try and keep it short and sweet.

I will be reviewing yet another Jehovah’s Witness cult video, a small piece of the many pieces of propaganda they release consistently. Below is my intro to these videos, as I stated in my last article:

One thing I believe many “worldly” (Not Jehovah’s Witnesses) people will find interesting, are the videos that Jehovah’s Witnesses create to educate their children. I didn’t have the pleasure of receiving these teachings before I left the cult, but I know many young and innocent children are being indoctrinated as this article is written.

The video I will be reviewing this week is entitled “[One Man One Woman]” and you can watch the entire video here. It is important to note that these videos are crafted to be “innocent,” and to the untrained eye, they really do seem that way. With my expertise on the subject, I will walk you through the subtleties of the video, and every reason why children should not continue being exposed to this “guidance.”

If you can’t watch the video, or simply don’t want to, here’s a quick summary:

Sophia, the young girl who stars in all of these videos with her brother Caleb, is at school and the students drew pictures of their families. She looks at her drawing, and sees another drawing by her classmate that shows two mothers as the parents. She grows concerned and confused, so she goes home to show her mother her drawing, and ask about the drawing of her classmate. The mother explains that the people in the picture have their own opinions about marriage, but their opinion doesn’t matter, only Jehovah’s does. She explains how the Bible shows one man and one woman, Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. She also explains how Jesus asked every man to “stand by his wife,” again explaining that it should be one man and one woman. She then asks Sophia to imagine the scenario like an airplane, if you have something that isn’t allowed on the plane, then you’re not going to be allowed onto the plane until you leave it at the door. It shows a man with a bag, and as he walks through the security system, it sets off an alarm. She then explains that the plane is like paradise (their version of heaven, kinda) and the security gate its Jehovah’s standards. The man in the metaphor drops his bag at the door, and runs happily into paradise. Sophia says she is going to tell her classmate about the paradise, the animals, and the resurrection. The mother is proud, and the video ends.

Point #1 – Being gay is a choice

There is so much I could say about this video, but I am going to try and keep it short and sweet. They imply very heavily throughout the whole video that being gay is a choice. That, as I said in the title, they can just drop it whenever they want, they’re just choosing to carry that baggage around with them. Not only is this straight-up untrue, but they give “evidence” to support their point from two instances in their version of the Bible (which was “translated” and written around 1879). They say that Adam and Eve were the original marriage, made by Jehovah, showing that’s how it is “supposed to be,” because “Jehovah knows how we can be happiest.” The second piece of evidence was one line that Jesus said, where he tells men to stand by their wives.

Sophia says in the video that her teacher explained, “all that matters is that people love each other, and that they’re happy.” The mother explains that that’s just an opinion, and it’s the wrong opinion. Because marriage is just “supposed” to be between a man and a woman. That’s all. That’s it. They imply that if you’re in a gay relationship, you’re just not happy. And you should really stop messing around, because it’s just not what you’re supposed to do. It’s videos like this that breed bigotry and hate towards gay people, they start it young. So that even if they don’t start out hating them, it eventually turns into hatred.

In conclusion, being gay is not a choice, and they cannot just “drop their gay at the door” so that they can make it into paradise. Which leads very nicely into my next point…

Point #2 – If you see someone that’s gay, go tell them about the paradise

One of the main things that separates the Jehovah’s Witnesses from regular Christians is their teaching of “the paradise.” In short, the paradise is like heaven, except not. There is said to be 144,000 people who will go to heaven to be in Jehovah’s Armageddon-army (An army to help Jehovah take over the world). The rest of us, not the gay ones of course, are supposed to go and live in the paradise, which will be on Earth after Jehovah has cleansed it of all the sin. Another important point to note is that the Jehovah’s Witnesses don’t believe in Hell either because the founder, Charles Taze Russell, thought Hell was too mean for his version of Christianity. Instead, everyone who doesn’t make it in to paradise dies and stays dead forever, and their family members who make it through will forget they ever existed, wipe your name from the slate of history for eternity. I don’t know about you, but it feels to me that this punishment is worse than a bunch of fire.

The reason why the conclusion of this video is harmful to young children, is again, because the Witnesses are not fully explaining the consequences of these actions they are being told to take. Sophia is being told to go preach “the truth” to her classmate. She tells her that the only way her parents can get into the paradise, is if they stop being gay. This makes her young classmate panic, and ruin her own view of her parents, because her classmate was intolerant. The girls’ parents console her, and explain that it’s okay to love whoever you want to, no matter their gender. But the young girl, with the gay parents, will always have that little tinge of doubt in the back of her mind that there is something wrong with her parents, and perhaps even herself. All because these children are being told that being gay is a “stupid choice” that is made by people who just… don’t want to be happy. This view specifically implying that they will be wiped from history forever, and won’t be able to “play with the animals” in paradise.

The Jehovah’s Witnesses have many other videos, just like this, being fed to young children every day. Breeding intolerance, egotistic tendencies, and general distrust for the world around them. I know this, because when I left, I had to deprogram myself. To understand how the world truly works, and how it feels to be an accepting, and humble human being. If you would like to learn more about my experiences and viewpoints of the Jehovah’s Witness cult, check out some of my other articles below. Be sure to leave a like if you would like more reviews of videos such as this one!

Photo by Sara Rampazzo on Unsplash

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