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“Be Generous” – A Review of Jehovah’s Witness Propaganda

This video was extremely short, and in turn doesn't need an extremely long review. Not only that, but the message they wanted to portray is extremely succinct: give your money to us.

I will be reviewing yet another Jehovah’s Witness cult video, a small piece of the many pieces of propaganda they release consistently. Below is my intro to these videos, as I stated in my last article:

One thing I believe many “worldly” (Not Jehovah’s Witnesses) people will find interesting, are the videos that Jehovah’s Witnesses create to educate their children. I didn’t have the pleasure of receiving these teachings before I left the cult, but I know many young and innocent children are being indoctrinated as this article is written.

This video was extremely short, and in turn doesn’t need an extremely long review. Not only that, but the message they wanted to portray is extremely succinct: give your money to us. The little girl in the video is extremely excited because she has a small amount of money that she can spend on whatever she wants. In this video specifically she really wants to buy herself an ice cream cone. But the video shifts to show her mother donating the money she has to the Jehovah’s Witness Organization. Each Kingdom Hall has multiple donation bins, and when I was a child I would see people pouring their life savings into these little bins.

The interesting part about their donation system is that it is completely voluntary. They don’t pass around a basket like the “normal churches” do. This is yet another way the Jehovah’s Witnesses try to lure vulnerable people into their organization. Their rules are portrayed innocently, and “different from the rest.” While the donations are not required, they are most definitely expected.

One might think of it like an unspoken rule in “normal” society, such as: shaking hands when you first meet someone, or holding the door for the person behind you, or not swearing at school. Rules like these aren’t mandatory, but there is an unspoken tension when someone breaks one of these rules, and it’s the same way for donations at the Kingdom Hall.

In the video I reviewed for this article, they didn’t rightly portray the guilt that comes from not donating. God-fearing guilt like that especially shouldn’t be instilled into a child under ten years old. The organization seems to be instilling these values into young people more than they ever have before. With the help of technology and the internet, they have taken full advantage of their resources to create strictly loyal Jehovah’s Witness children. Who in turn will grow up to be so faithful, that they are blind to the point of naivety. They will follow every rule they are given to a fault – because it is all they’ve ever known. That’s the real crisis here, and these videos need to be talked about – to help save lives.

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

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