Sunday Music Spotlight

Moose Blood – An Awesome Band That You Probably Don’t Know (But You Should)

Sometimes I'm just stuck in a mood. A sadly-artistic mood that just sticks with me all day, and Moose Blood's music accommodates that mood whenever I find myself in it.

Photo by Andreas Lawen, Fotandi / CC BY-SA (

Sometimes I’m just stuck in a mood. A sadly-artistic mood that just sticks with me all day, and Moose Blood’s music accommodates that mood whenever I find myself in it. Not all of their songs are moody necessarily. But every set of lyrics they write hits a different chord that a lot of “big artists” just can’t reach very easily (Sad music isn’t exactly “popular” I mean.) So here are my top three picks for my favorite songs by Moose Blood, and who knows? Maybe they’ll end up being your next favorite band!

Pick #1 – It’s Too Much

Like so many other amazing songs before this one, it came to me at a very emotionally stressful time in my life. If just the title of the song doesn’t resonate with you, every line of lyrics in the song will. The lyrics that explain the specifics of how the singer is feeling are few and far between. I take that as meaning the raw emotions in the song are so hard to overcome, that the thought of everything being “just too much” is impossible to push out. Not only are the lyrics hard-hitting, but the instrumental work feels just as intense as the emotions they’re portraying. The song goes through waves of emotions as they happen on a human level. The brilliant combination of all of these things makes it my favorite song by Moose Blood, especially when I get into that dark place we all know of.

“And I feel like I haven’t slept in months…And it takes everything I have to get up”

It’s Too Much, Moose Blood

Pick #2 – Sway

Again, Moose Blood blows me away with real genuine lyrics that talk about real issues that we’ve all dealt with, one time or another. This song specifically really gets me because of how raw the emotions are. Lyrics about both sides of a divorce, and the irrational emotions and actions that come with it. The instrument work is as chaotic as actual breakups are, and the way the singer is softly screaming every line could make anyone tear-up.

“He left the keys but he’s got a good heart…His hand ain’t nothing if it hasn’t got a ring on it”

Sway, Moose Blood

Pick #3 – Knuckles

This song has extremely sad lyrics, but they’re incredibly beautiful at the same time. I believe that songs and lyrics are some of the greatest outlets for explaining how someone feels, deep inside their soul. This song especially explains the extremely complex issue of being in love with someone you can’t have, because they’re in a relationship. You love them so much that you can’t pull yourself away from them, but also can’t be upset with them for what they’re doing. The heart-crushing lyrics, and hope-inducing instruments create this masterpiece of heartbreak, that I listen to constantly.

“That thing you said, ‘Stay beautiful’ … Even though that I know that it’s second hand … I’d have you say it in the same way”

Knuckles, Moose Blood

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