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2 Crazy Beliefs from the Jehovah’s Witness’ Archives

One of the biggest red flags I noticed growing up in the Jehovah’s Witness cult was the continuous changes in their teachings throughout the years. There’s really only one teaching they’ve kept religiously consistent through the years, and that is their view on blood transfusions. When I was around ten years old they re-translated their Bible. They claimed that they re-translated it to make it more readable, more welcoming to newcomers. I noticed many of the scriptures (the ones I was forced to memorize) were changed, and the new words changed the meaning of the text, and were interpreted in entirely new ways.

This was a time where I was smacked in the face with the realization that these religious leaders really know what they’re doing. They know that times are changing, social norms are progressing to a different way of thinking. So what did they do? They evolved. They wouldn’t be left in the past, or be perceived the way other religions are being perceived, as old and outdated. Pretty smart right?

Below are some of the craziest passages I found when I left the cult. Proving that they are evolving to obey the unspoken rules society gains through time.

#1 – Rape

An article from their 1984 Awake! magazine shows just how different their views were. Explaining in an article titled “They Resisted Rapists,” that women should resist with dignity, and “should remember that the rapist is a human.” A godly group of people siding with the rapist? Wow.

#2 – Disco Music

An article from The Watchtower Announcing Jehovah’s Kingdom, 1980 chronicles their views on the disco genre of music. They quote a writer from the London Daily Telegraph, who explains that disco music a huge threat to civilization. They describe disco music as a “dehumanizing threat” to civilization, and a foreshadowing of Armageddon.

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